Termites – Control & Protection Treatment Services in Charleston SC


Let us discuss important things related to Termites, and their Control & Protection Treatment Services offered by Professional Pest and Termite Control Service Company in Charleston SC.

  • Know If You Have Termites

Termites mostly live underground and in the walls of your home/ buildings. And, that is why you are unlikely to see the termites themselves. But, you can pay attention and look for signs to know if you have termites growing in your house/ home.

Look for below signs:

  1. Termite droppings [look like small, ridged, wood-colored pellets]
  2. Mud tubes on exterior surface
  3. Wings all of the same size (look like tiny fish scales) shredded near an entry point to your home

Point to Note: Most of the times, some of these signs are difficult to detect, so the best way is to have regular inspection by a pest-control professional.

  • Immediate Action

If you find any above discussed signs, this calls for an immediate action. Some jobs are better to be done by professionals, and Pest and Termite Control Treatments are better to be handled by professionals. You this requires you to call Service Company providing Termite Treatment Assistance in Charleston SC.

  • Expert Service Company Offers Termite Protection Assistance in Charleston SC

Team is highly professional, skilled and experienced to perform pest & termite inspection and control, protection treatments. The professionals cover areas including: homes, restaurants, apartments, commercial buildings, and are new construction specialists. The treatment methods [termite control solutions, products] are safe for people, and are co-friendly. The company holds a professional license to provide all types of pest control, pre-treats, termite inspection and treatment, and lifetime insured termite bonds.

Expert’s assistance is important and they are always available to help serving clients. But, clients/Homeowners or building-owners, also, require contributing their share as well by preventing pest and termite infestation.

  • Prevent Termite Infestation – Follow Below Tips
  1.       Ensure drainage sites remain clean and effective
  2.       Eradicate the collection of moisture by fixing pipes, A/C units, and other home fixtures prone to leaking
  3.       Caulk cracks in the foundation and around utility lines or pipes
  4.       Keep plants and mulch well maintained
  5.       Get rid of excess wood like tree stumps or yard debris
  6.       Store firewood and lumber away from the home
  7.       Install appropriately sized screens on exterior vents
  8.       Monitor outdoor wooden structures for signs of infestation

This content has been taken from http://termitescharlestonsc.blogspot.in/2017/04/termites-control-protection-treatment.html


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