Termite and Pest Control & Protection Treatment Service in Charleston SC


What are termites? How to know if Termites are growing?  What are the ways to prevent termite infestation? Let us find out the answers to these questions. And know about Termite Pest Control Services provided in Charleston SC.

Have you ever noticed those winged insects during summers and rainfall? Those are eusocial insects (also known as Swarmers) are Termites. What trigger them to grow is warmer temperature and rainfall. They feed on wood but. These insects are responsible to damage paper, books, insulation, and even swimming pool liners and filtration systems. Also, Termites can even injure living trees and shrubs. There is a way to understand if termites are growing and that is to notice mud tubes across many feet of concrete, treated wood and brink and cinder block. Sometimes, people get confuse and ant swarms are mistaken as termites. Because termites eat wood they build mud tubes, once can examine, by probing, exposed wood for hollow spots (using a flathead screwdriver or similar tool) and identify termite swarms. There are certain ways to prevent termite infestation. These basic solutions are: keeping soil around the foundation (after construction), taking care of maintenance of gutters and downspouts and making sure to reduce openings that offer termites an access to the structure. Also, fixing leaks immediately, keeping vents free from blockage, including plants and conducting inspection periodically to help ensure that termite colonies do not become established. Professional company provides excellent Termite Pest Control, Termite Protection services covering different sectors such as Homes, Apartments, Restaurants, and Commercial Buildings, in Charleston SC.

Termite Pest Control Charleston SC, Termite Protection Charleston SC Services are performed by highly trained, skilled and experienced team of employees. They follow a certain procedure including: inspection the area (house/home/building or place need type of pest control treatment) and then perform treatments-methods of termite and pest protection. Company has specializations in: Termite Treatment, Insured Termite Bonds, New Construction Pre-Treats, Pest Control, CL 100 Repairs, CL-100 Inspections, and Cl-100 Clearances. High quality products are used to perform suitable treatment-methods at affordable costs.

This content has been taken from https://charlestonpestcontrolblog.tumblr.com/post/157350442427/termite-and-pest-control-protection-treatment


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